Ceramic fiber modules have been tested by the market. Its advantages are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Light weight.

The density is only 220kg/m3. Taking the heating cover of the hood furnace as an example, the ceramic fiber furnace lining can reduce the crane tonnage and reduce the structure of the workshop, thus achieving greater economic benefits.

2. Resistance to mechanical vibration and thermal vibration.

Ceramic fiber lining has certain flexibility and elasticity, the influence of thermal stress can be ignored in use.

3. Good sound insulation performance.

Ceramic fiber internal microporous structure, with good sound absorption. This characteristic is undoubtedly welcomed in a large number of burners, fans and other noise sources.

4. In addition, ceramic fiber also has a series of characteristics such as low heat storage, low thermal conductivity, high heat sensitivity, simple construction, no need for oven, energy saving and consumption reduction, and convenient for temperature control.

However, there are some points to be noted in the process of using ceramic fiber module. The first is corrosive furnace atmosphere. Although ceramic fiber is a stable material in terms of chemical composition, it is easy to be eroded due to its large porosity and specific surface area. Stoves burning heavy oil usually contain the two substances, alkali and vanadium; In the furnace of iron and steel smelting, there is a large amount of calcium oxide, which can produce low melting point compounds that can erode refractory fibers and promote their shrinkage. Ferrous nickel, copper and other metal substances can significantly promote the crystallization rate of refractory fibers and accelerate the pulverization of refractory fibers. In addition, excessive wind speed can erode fiber surface and even lead to lamination. In addition to the whole fiber lining to steel plate or steel structure is appropriate, castable position is not applicable.


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