Sintering is a process in the production of aluminum silicate ceramic fiber paper, which is divided into three stages: before sintering, sintering and post-sintering. During this period, there are some corresponding changes. I hope you can solve and deal with them better in the following introduction:

1: before, sintering in the process of the temperature control is critical, as temperatures rise, aluminum silicate ceramic fiber paper blank, but the change of the density and intensity is not large, the micro organizational grain percentage didn’t have change, this one phase body is very easy to split, due to moisture and adhesives is eliminated, so as to pay attention to the heating rate.

2: early, sintering temperature slightly change, aluminum silicate ceramic fiber paper shrinkage, density will be very, very big change, despite the micro organizational grain ratio have no significant change, but between particles is no point to coarse, pore also greatly decreases, and the stage body occurs by sintering shrinkage, easy to produce body division and taxiing.

3. At the end of sintering, the temperature rises and everything changes deeper than before. Aluminum silicate ceramic fiber paper is almost inconvenient when its density and vibration change to the maximum. In the microstructure, the grain proportion changed significantly, the pore changes were smaller, and the pores were not connected with each other, forming isolated pores, and some pores remained in the grains.

At the same time, grain growth at the end of sintering will cause repercussions of aluminum silicate ceramic fiber paper. In order to avoid adverse reactions, additives can be added to inhibit grain growth and recover the characteristics of the product. Therefore, during sintering, better products should be produced at different periods.


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