The surface of the tempering furnace is 15MM thick porcelain plate with high aluminum

Shandong Thermal shield high aluminum porcelain plate is a lightweight ultra-thin flak-like refractory material, its main components are AI2O3, SiO2 and other auxiliary materials, all materials in accordance with a fixed proportion after blending, pulping, vacuum suction filter. Product surface for a variety of imported refractory powder condensation from the hard protective layer. The protective layer is uniformly compounded on the surface of the plate by shandong thermal shield technician through special equipment, and each surface of the plate has a balanced hardness.

Shandong hot shield high aluminum porcelain plate has the characteristics of high hardness, low shrinkage, anti-erosion, long service life and no powder dropping. With good mechanical strength and excellent thermal shock resistance, it can be directly used as a hot lining material for various thermal equipment (glass tempering furnace, ceramic kiln, etc.) without dropping powder and deformation under the condition of being subjected to flurrescent heat and scour by high temperature airflow.

Ii. Thermal insulation block of tempering furnace roller table

Shandong thermal shield high temperature production roller insulation brick (roller seal) with high quality aluminum silicate fiber cotton vacuum molding, each piece of insulation brick are used CNC machine tool carved and milling, can maximize the guarantee of insulation brick different parts and the size of the aperture accuracy. The product has the characteristics of low bulk density, light weight, high hardness, good insulation effect and long service life. Superior mechanical strength and good thermal shock resistance make it maintain its existing characteristics under the scour of high temperature airflow. The product has been widely used in many famous domestic toughening equipment, such as Beibo, Fuyao glass, Saihe glass, etc., playing a very good thermal insulation and energy saving effect, and solving the thermal insulation problems that many toughened glass enterprises have been unable to overcome for a long time.

Product specifications:

Shandong Hot shield high temperature roller thermal insulation brick series products for non-standardized customized products, support to the drawing and sample processing. In addition to the length, width and thickness of insulation bricks, roller diameter, roller spacing and the number of ceramic rollers should also be provided.

Aluminum silicate backing board/insulation board

This plate is used for the middle layer and the outermost layer of the tempering furnace. Its main function is to keep heat and not contact the fire surface.

Shandong thermal shield ceramic fibril board is a refractory insulation material made by vacuum forming method with high quality ceramic fiber loose cotton added with a small amount of binder. It maintains good mechanical strength even after high temperature heating, and has several grades of 1050°C, 1260°C, 1350°C, 1430°C, 1600°C and 1700°C. High strength and good resistance to carrying air scour, can be directly used as a hot surface lining material.


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