Ceramic fiber products are used in aerospace, aviation, petrochemical and other fields, it is not, as some are not as common everyday objects that occupy the home, so a lot of people do not know how to start, when choosing ceramic fiber doesn’t know how to choose the right quality and nice ceramic fiber products, small make up today is to introduce ceramic fiber products for you to choose methods and matters needing attention, hope to be of help.


I. Selection method of ceramic fiber products

1. Look at your needs

(1) Clear use direction. Ceramic fiber has good fire resistance, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound absorption performance, the first must have a clear direction. For example, low grade ceramic fiber blanket or fiber cotton can be used for heat preservation and sound absorption; For fire-resistant and heat-insulating purposes, corresponding grades of fibreboard and modules should be selected according to the working temperature of the application environment; And high temperature protection fire prevention can choose ceramic fiber textile and other derivative products.

(2) Combining application environment. Space is big and neat, in general, the high temperature furnace, generally adopts the ceramic fiber module + carpet composite structures, the contact block fire flame is ceramic fiber board, flexible ceramic fiber blanket, when space is not neat fiber cloth can come in handy, narrow the gap to the ceramic fiber cotton stuffing, burner, heating wire furnace can be customized special-shaped ceramic fiber.

2. Look at the ceramic fiber itself

(1) Fire resistance temperature. Refractory temperature is the basic basis of ceramic fiber material selection. Ceramic fiber products according to the temperature division, can be divided into ordinary (850°C), standard (950°C), high purity (1050°C), high aluminum (1150°C), low zirconium (1200°C), containing zirconium (1260°C) 6 grades, in a word, uphold the ning high not low selection principle is right.

(2) Color. Whether the color is pure white is the unwritten standard to judge the quality of ceramic fiber. There is some truth in the saying that the whiter the colour, the better the quality in the kiln ring. Generally speaking, the higher the purity of alumina in ceramic fiber and the less impurities, the whiter the color. Compare of standard model above fiber blanket, carpet of common pottery and porcelain fiber shows dark yellow, class is taller color is whiter.

(3) Slag ball mass. Slag ball content is an important index to evaluate the quality of ceramic fiber. Slag ball is the crystalline slag ball inside ceramic fiber, which is the crystal produced by incomplete fibrosis. Excessive slag ball content will increase the thermal conductivity of ceramic fiber and reduce the thermal insulation performance. Therefore, the less slag ball content is, the better product quality will be.

3. Depending on the professionalism of the manufacturer

(1) It depends on the scale of the manufacturer. According to the logic of food selection is to buy food produced by big manufacturers, more safe, rest assured. The same as for ceramic fiber products. In the purchase can be more inclined to choose the larger scale of the manufacturers, these manufacturers are willing to produce large scale, the energy spent on the product will be more, relatively more reliable.

(2) Customer evaluation. Before purchasing, you can look at other peers who have purchased this product and see what kind of supplier or manufacturer is in their mouth. At this time, it is a relatively quick and intuitive way to know the professionalism of the manufacturer.

(3) After-sales service. Ceramic fiber products and other products, after the purchase of a pile of use, installation and other matters need to pay attention to, so, we should pay attention to the manufacturer’s after-sales service in the selection, see their attitude and behavior to customers after the purchase, in order to ensure that we can find some of the problems to solve you.

Two, choose matters needing attention

1. Grasp the price scale

In a word, expensive things in addition to expensive no other problems, cheap things in addition to cheap other problems. Remind your friends not to lose much by losing little. Of course, high quality and low price is not without, we should consider product quality and price comprehensively when buying.

2. Some businesses sell shoddy goods

Some businessmen themselves interests, regardless of the user experience, in order to compress the production cost, to join in some good product quality substandard products, so that when the user buy in bulk will not be found, this problem, we must pay attention to, especially when buying more, be careful the acceptance of the product quality, once there is a problem, should timely communicate with merchants exchange or return.

3. Don’t choose blindly

Whether it is a suitable supplier of ceramic fiber products, we should pay attention not to blindly choose, to shop around, to clear the advantages and disadvantages, especially for the above mentioned quality and after-sales, more can’t relax.

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