As our country industrialization is accelerated ceaselessly, the development of all sorts of decorate building materials also is developing ceaselessly, and heat preservation material also evolves into a variety of diversiform kind by original single material. Insulation materials are used in some buildings and industries, and the emergence of insulation materials allows many buildings to cope well with cold weather. So, what are the new insulation materials now? What are the new types of insulation materials? Let’s get to know it together!

What are the new insulation materials

1. Expanded glass bubbles

Expansion of vitrified beads material is a kind of new thermal insulation material for wall paint, lightweight aggregate is inorganic lightweight insulating particles, plus the gelation materials, or other fillings of dry powder mortar, energy saving, waste heat preservation and heat insulation, fire prevention antifreeze, ageing resistance, such as excellent performance, and the price is cheap, with a wide range of market demand.

2. Aluminum silicate insulation material

Aluminum silicate insulation material is also known as aluminum silicate composite insulation coating, is a new type of environmental wall insulation material, in line with the national building standards, is a lot of real estate developers and engineering contractors must be the material. The main raw material of aluminum silicate insulation material is natural fiber, and then added a certain amount of inorganic supplementary material after processing and made of a new type of green inorganic single-component packaging dry powder insulation paint. Before construction, this insulation material is mixed with water and then scraped on the surface of the insulated wall. After drying, a kind of microporous insulation layer will be formed.

3. Phenolic foam

Phenolic foam material is made from thermosetting phenolic resin foam, which has the characteristics of light weight, smokeless, fireproof, non-toxic and so on. It can be used in a wide range of temperature, and will not embrittlement and shrinkage in low temperature environment. It is the most ideal new heat preservation material in HVAC engineering. Because of its high closed-pore ratio and low thermal conductivity, phenolic foam has excellent thermal insulation performance and excellent water resistance and water vapor permeability, making it an excellent new thermal insulation material. After we understand what new insulation materials have, I believe that we also have a new understanding of insulation materials. It is worth noting that there are many varieties of new thermal insulation materials, but their functions and characteristics are much the same.

How to choose insulation materials

1. General insulation materials are divided into four grades, which are inflammable, inflammable, flame retardant and non-combustible. When we make insulation for our houses, we should choose materials with flame retardant grades. When buying, want to check whether there is qualified mark on insulating material package above all. , firepower level, and firepower level are several levels.

2, the biggest role of insulation material is of course used for insulation, so its insulation performance is the key to buy products, buy, must understand the insulation of insulation material, you can look at the thermal conductivity of the material to understand.

3. When purchasing external thermal insulation materials for external walls, their waterproof performance, freeze-thaw resistance, weather resistance, impact resistance and wind pressure resistance must be good. Because external thermal insulation materials need to face the natural wind and sunlight directly, they must meet these standards.

4. No high insulation layer is required for external wall thermal insulation materials, but good thermal insulation materials, especially refractory materials, must be selected.

5. According to theoretical analysis, no insulation material has all the above characteristics, but we are good at optimizing the combination and can process several different types of materials together to meet the above requirements. Therefore, the current interior wall insulation board is a composite structure with “skin and filler”.

Heat preservation material is a kind that everybody likes, everybody needs to have certain understanding to its kind when choosing, the above is the best kind of heat preservation material and how to choose and buy heat preservation material. Through the introduction, I believe that we have a certain understanding of thermal insulation materials.


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