One of the key properties of aluminum silicate fiber cotton, temperature, has not been tested uniformly in China. Make the fiber products: using temperature, highest temperature, extreme temperature, classification, such as temperature, long-term working temperature of different identity, or two temperature logo that appears at the same time, difficult to properly adopted some irresponsible logo and sell refractory fiber factory, mislead users choose the wrong material, cause great economic loss, in fact, the use of aluminum silicate fiber temperature not only associated with the chemical composition of materials, and is closely related to the use of atmosphere, fuel and environmental conditions. For example, the maximum temperature of the same material that keeps its basic performance unchanged in the standard atmosphere of the experimental resistance furnace is 1260℃, while the maximum use temperature will decrease by about 10℃ in the oxidizing atmosphere and clean fuel; the maximum use temperature will decrease by about 20℃ in the medium and strong reducing atmosphere; the maximum use temperature will decrease by about 20℃ in the medium and strong reducing atmosphere. In the environment of burning heavy oil, the temperature of aluminum silicate fiber will be lower due to the corrosion of sulfur, phosphorus and other elements. Therefore, I believe that aluminum silicate fiber material standards and refractory fiber manufacturers should not mark the use temperature, but should mark the maximum temperature at which the basic properties of the material remain unchanged in the standard atmosphere, namely the classification temperature. The use temperature shall be determined by the designer, the user and the technicians of the fiber manufacturer according to the use of fuel, environment and heating system and the selection of materials. China should formulate a unified classification temperature detection standard, and in line with international standards.


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