1, the valve should be set in the direction of convenient operation and good lighting, for the valve set in the height, should be equipped with maintenance channels and lifting equipment.

2. When closing the valve, excessive torque should not be applied to the valve to cause valve damage. Stop when sending steam, should admit whether the valve is closed, but also to adopt others can not open at will to determine the equipment or special marks and other measures.

3, the pipeline and valve to develop circuit inspection criteria. No exceptions can be made and documented for underground or high altitude, or even for pipes in trenches. Special attention should be paid to simply corroded underground pipes and drainage pipes. If a leak, no matter how small, immediately plug it with aluminosilicate fiberboard to fix it and avoid expansion.

4. Inspect and repair the furnace body and its hole and door, regularly replace the sealing material, ensure its air tightness, reduce the leakage of furnace gas or cold air inhalation. Reduce the number and area of industrial furnace door and orifice as far as possible, or choose double seal orifice door, reduce the opening times, time and fluctuation of orifice door, in order to reduce heat radiation and air leakage, air leakage.

5. Try to reduce the number and scale of water-cooling components in industrial furnaces and kilns. If possible, the outlet temperature of cooling water should be appropriately raised to reduce the flow rate so as to reduce the heat loss caused by cooling water.


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