The special shape of ceramic fiber is made of high quality ceramic fiber cotton and vacuum forming process. The purpose of developing this product is to make the special-shaped products with excellent high-temperature function and self-supporting strength. According to the form and scale requirements of each product, special molds are made. According to the functional requirements of the products, different binder and additives are selected to meet the application requirements.

All special-shaped products have a lower reduction in their operating temperature range, and remain highly insulated, lightweight and impact resistant. Unburned materials are simply cut or machined. In the process of application, the ceramic fiber profile-shaped parts have good abrasion resistance and peeling resistance.

Shape and supply: we can produce a variety of dimensions and shapes of vacuum forming special-shaped products, including tube, conical, dome shape and box type, the most special products can produce according to customer’s requirements, some special-shaped products can also think customer do inventory, such as the non-ferrous metal industry with casting cap and sleeve, petrochemical industry with the vacuum forming the fire hole, etc

Special treatment of ceramic fiber profiled parts:

Vacuum forming hardeners or refractory mortar can be applied to the profiled product as a protective coating if required.


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