Slag ball content is one of the important indexes to measure the performance of ceramic fiber module. So what is a ball of slag?

In the process of spinning ceramic fiber into fiber, the vigilant particles that are not fibrotic are called slag balls. Generally speaking, the particle size is greater than 0.212mm, and the bulk density is 2800 ~ 3200kg/m. Will be classified as slag balls.

The influence of slag ball is first reflected in reducing the insulation effect of ceramic fiber module. The higher the slag ball content is, the greater the thermal conductivity of ceramic fiber will be, and correspondingly, the thermal insulation performance will be weakened.

In terms of the structure of ceramic fiber, slag ball content is high, which is the product of incomplete fiber, and the tensile strength and toughness of the fiber are also affected. This means that the higher the slag content, the lower the fiber strength.

National standard ceramic fiber has a clear stipulation on slag ball content.

In foreign countries, the content of > 0.25mm slag balls is controlled at ≤5%, while in China, due to the limitation of fiber manufacturing technology, the content of slag balls is controlled at ≤15%, that is, nearly 1/8 of ceramic fiber products are slag balls, which is twice as high as that in foreign countries, which is also the reason why ceramic fibers in foreign countries are sold at extremely high prices.

But in terms of use, domestic ceramic fiber modules have been able to meet all kinds of high temperature equipment heat insulation and heat preservation requirements.


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