Aluminum silicate fiber cotton is a kind of good nature of insulation equipment, in the long-term use, the equipment may appear some small problems, such as products have cracks, the next small make up to give you an analysis of the reasons, there is this aspect of dear friends confusion, together to understand it:

1. It is caused by too fine fiber fineness modulus and too high mud content;

2. The water absorption rate of aluminum silicate fiber cotton is too high, causing cracks in winter due to frost heaving;

3. Uneven mixing of aluminum silicate fiber products, resulting in stress due to inconsistent shrinkage;

4, the cement proportion is too large, the label is too high, leading to the early shrinkage of aluminum silicate fiber cotton too large and too fast;

5. The flexibility index is not enough and the elongation is small, which reduces the anti-deformation ability of aluminum silicate fiber products.

Aluminum silicate fiber has many kinds, the causes of cracks on the cotton goods happen to find specific causes can effectively solve the problem, prevent to encounter similar problem again later, a waste of cost, at the same time, everyone in the course of everyday use, if you encounter this problem, don’t panic, according to the content of this paper to find the solution of the corresponding measures, to ensure the normal use of products, reduce capital spending.


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