According to the feedback from the market survey, we found that many customers misunderstood the ceramic fiber blanket and did not understand some basic information and knowledge about the performance of the ceramic fiber blanket. Today, the editor will share some relevant information with you, hoping to change your prejudice and let you have a deep understanding of the ceramic fiber blanket. In this way, we can also know when we buy and use the ceramic fiber blanket. We hope it can enlighten and help you.


Ceramic fiber blanket can be used in many fields, for example, some military personnel can also use this material, which can play a good fire and heat insulation insulation material, mainly using ceramics as raw materials, and then making some special processes. This kind of product itself has good extensibility and seismic resistance. In addition, the color is white and the size is regular. It will be a very common product in the aerospace field, some petrochemical industry and the electric power industry.
Ceramic fiber blanket has some corresponding varieties, but also has the same excellent performance, and also has the whole excellent tensile strength, because it is like this product, the texture will be very uniform, the surface will be very smooth, in the case of no bond, it can also ensure that this product can be better in any environment use.
Because of its good reliability and stability, ceramic fiber blanket is often widely used in some chemical industry and building electronics industry. Even under the same conditions, it can also have a good performance, so it can meet the different needs of more people, which is the main reason why many people will buy it.

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