What are the advantages of aluminosilicate ceramic fiberboard as a new type of refractory and thermal insulation material than ordinary refractory? Now let’s talk about it
(1) Low bulk density: ceramic fiberboard is more than 75% lighter than lightweight insulating brick lining and 90% to 95% lighter than lightweight castable lining. If plate insulation is used, the steel structure load of furnace can be greatly reduced and the service life of furnace body can be prolonged.
(2) Low heat capacity (heat storage capacity): the heat capacity of the ceramic plate is only about 1 / 10 of that of the light heat-resistant lining and light castable lining. The speed of furnace opening and stopping is fast, and the energy consumption in temperature control operation is reduced.
(3) Low thermal conductivity: about 1 / 10 of the lightweight heat-resistant lining (castable), with remarkable thermal insulation effect.
(4) Excellent thermal shock and mechanical vibration resistance: ceramic fiber board has flexibility and excellent resistance to severe temperature fluctuation and mechanical vibration. Under the premise of being heated, the ceramic fiber board can be heated or cooled at any speed and is not easy to be damaged.
(5) No need for oven drying: the ceramic fiber board can be put into use after construction, without furnace drying procedure.
(6) Wide range of application: with the development of production technology and application technology of refractory fiber, ceramic fiberboard has realized serialization and functionalization, and the product can meet the requirements of different temperature grades from 1050 ℃ to 1430 ℃. It can fully meet the requirements of different industrial furnaces in various industries.


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