Through this period of understanding, I believe that we are familiar with ceramic fiber cotton, but for customers who want to further understand the relevant knowledge of this product, these contents are not enough. Today xiaobian about ceramic fiber cotton into steel fiber knowledge to share with you, I hope to cause your attention, let you have a deep understanding of ceramic fiber cotton. So when everybody is buying to use ceramic fiber cotton, also can accomplish know in the mind, do not be in a hurry, hope to enlighten to everybody and help somewhat. The main functions of adding steel fiber into ceramic fiber cotton are as follows: enhancing toughness, enhancing stress-strain resistance, and enhancing mechanical impact resistance; Improve the thermal shock resistance, improve the resistance to cracking and spalling; Inhibition of line shrinkage after curing, drying and heat treatment. The amount of steel fiber added is generally 0.6-2.5% (volume ratio).


However, the addition amount of steel fiber should not be too large, because too much steel fiber will deteriorate the physicochemical properties of refractory castable at high temperature, for example, steel fiber will make the residual linear expansion of castable after being burned at high temperature. At the same time, the content of ferric oxide in castable is increased and the corrosion resistance is reduced. Adding too much steel fiber will also make the castable less functional.

Through the content explained in the paper, we can generally understand the specific significance of not adding excessive steel fiber in ceramic fiber cotton, I hope the content explained in the paper is helpful for you, in the future operation, we should pay more attention to the requirements in this aspect.

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