A lot of customers call to know about some aluminum silicate ceramic fiber paper knowledge, today xiaobian will look up the relevant information to share with you, I hope to inspire you and help.

Ceramic fiber paper is widely used in boilers and other equipment with high energy consumption. So, specify what the classification temperature and use temperature are.


1. Classification temperature

Classification temperature is the highest service temperature in the actual use of ceramic fiber paper fiber materials. It is defined as the test temperature of ceramic fiber product after heating for 24 hours, and the shrinkage rate of high-temperature line is 4%.

Aluminum silicate ceramic fiber paper used at this temperature for a long time, its life will be very short, so in practice will not be easily used.

2. Long-term safe use temperature

The long-term safe operation temperature is the temperature measured when the ceramic fiber paper is maintained at a certain temperature for 24 hours and the temperature line shrinkage rate is less than 3%.

At this temperature, the crystal of amorphous fiber, crystal change and crystal growth rate are relatively slow, the fiber characteristics are stable, and the fiber is quite flexible.

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