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– Overview of well carburizing furnace –

Well carburizing furnace is a new type of energy saving heat treatment furnace, which is mainly used for gas carburizing of steel parts. The structure of the well furnace is: the body of the furnace is a deep cylindrical well, the workpiece is vertically installed into the furnace by a special crane for heating.

The general temperature of cementite furnace is 950 ~ 1000℃.


– Well type carburizing furnace insulation structure –

  • Furnace wall: the total insulation thickness is 300mm. From the hot side to the cold side, it is the composite furnace lining structure of fiber folding block + layer blanket successively. The folding block thickness is 270mm and the material is of high purity. The backing liner is compressed from the second layer thickness of 20mm fiber blanket to 30mm.


The structure of fiber folding block adopts hermitage and reinforcement, and the material of supporting anchoring parts is determined as 1Cr18Ni9Ti.


The temperature and pressure measuring points of the furnace wall can be opened on the site of the fiber lining, but in the detailed design of the furnace lining, the anchor nail position of the fiber module should be avoided from the opening position.

  • Furnace bottom: adopt the structure of module + layer blanket lining, the total thickness is 250mm, from the hot side to the cold side is module (thickness is 200mm), layer (thickness is 50mm)


After installation of all fiber insulation layers, high temperature curing agent should be sprayed on the fiber surface to form a hard membrane protective layer, which is resistant to wind erosion and fuel chemical erosion.


– Technical advantages –

  • Carpet soldiers column type and compensation, well versed in seam: the arrangement of fiber module USES the “column”, between each column fiber block USES the high purity fiber blanket folded tamponade after compression, to compensate for fiber not expand surface of contract, to avoid “plate” spelling a flower arrangement the appearance of the through hole in the wall area compensation blanket forcibly pumped fiber modules, without having to wear nail fixation.

井式渗碳炉高温隔热解决方案 井式渗碳炉高温隔热解决方案

  • Rhombus fiber module, reduce the thermal bridge: As a new type of multi-purpose high-temperature thermal insulation body, compared with the traditional fiber blanket layer structure, the anchorage piece is fixed on the cold surface, not directly exposed to the working hot surface, which not only reduces the formation of the thermal bridge, but also reduces the material grade of the anchorage piece, thus reducing the cost of the anchorage piece. At the same time, the wind erosion resistance of fiber lining is improved.
  • Fiber lining, good thermal sensitivity, carburizing uniform: ultra-light energy-saving lining material (ceramic fiber), fiber lining high thermal sensitivity can better adapt to the automatic control of industrial furnace. Make the carburizing furnace temperature uniform, fast temperature rise, good insulation, the workpiece carburizing speed, carbon potential atmosphere uniform, uniform layer of carburizing, in the furnace pressure to improve, also without any leakage, improve the production efficiency and carburizing quality.