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– Overview of glass tempering furnace –

Glass toughening furnace also known as glass toughening equipment, glass toughening unit, toughening furnace, toughening equipment, such as toughening unit. There are intermittent and continuous type, hanging type and horizontal type, electric heating and gas heating.

The common physical method of glass tempering furnace is to heat the glass to the vicinity of the softening point (650 ° C), blow the air and cool it abruptly, forming a compressive stress layer on the surface of the glass and a tensile stress layer on the inside. When the glass is acted on by external force, the compressive stress layer can offset part of the tensile stress to avoid glass breaking, so as to improve the glass strength.

The length of ordinary plate glass can be divided into 4 meters and 10 meters according to the length and width of the glass.

The temperature in the glass furnace is 800℃. Use resistance wire for heating.

 – Glass tempered heating furnace insulation structure –

For the glass that is heated to the melting point of heat treatment, ceramic fiber blanket or modules are not used for insulation to prevent the glass from being polluted. The current structure used in the glass tempered furnace lining is generally the roof, wall and bottom of the furnace using standard aluminum silicate fiberboard layer structure, the total insulation thickness is 250mm.

Roll table seal: hot shield roller table seal, heat insulation block, heat shield roller table heat insulation abnormal.it is made of high quality ceramic fiber cotton and vacuum forming process.


– Technical advantages –

In the heating process, the temperature difference between the furnace side and the middle leads to uneven stress. There is no way to completely avoid stress spots, but well-designed toughening equipment can minimize the visibility of stress spots. Ceramic fibreboard, light weight, easy to install, low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation effect, minimize the stress spot visibility, improve the qualified rate of toughened glass products.

Thermal shield ceramic fiber shaped parts, low shrinkage, high insulation, light weight, impact resistance. All can meet the special special-shaped products required by specific production links of some industrial departments. According to the shape and size of each product, special molds are made. According to the performance requirements of products, different binder and additives are selected to meet the use requirements of customers.