In the construction site, the storage of aluminosilicate fiber blanket place can not appear sediment or water source, open fire, etc., to prevent its moisture and surface pollution, affecting the construction effect. Fiber blanket product had better be able to be placed lengthwise, can prevent its to be placed not only so instability, still can reduce the contact area with the ground, assure its sanitation is clean on utmost. In construction process, the worker had better wear glove, prevent dirty fiber blanket, affect installation effect.


In the process of transportation, workers should pay attention to protect the outer packing of aluminum silicate fiber blanket, try not to tear the outer wrapping paper. Pay attention to light, do not roll down from the car directly fiber blanket, so easy to cause its loose or damaged packaging, outweighs the gain. When two people carry more want to pay attention to balance, prevent to fall on the ground, do not throw fiber blanket products at will.

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