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– Overview of mesh belt furnace –


High temperature mesh belt type heat treatment furnace is generally protected by muffle mesh belt parts to achieve continuous transport in the furnace sintering furnace. It is mainly used for sintering of powder metallurgy products, reduction of metal powder and pre-firing, firing or heat treatment of electronic products in protective atmosphere or air. It is suitable for heat treatment of small parts.

Maximum furnace temperature: 1150℃ (metallurgy), 750℃ (catalysis).

The whole equipment is composed of furnace body, mesh belt drive system and temperature control system. The furnace body is composed of feeding section, pre-firing section, sintering section, slow cooling section, water cooling section and discharging section. The transmission system of mesh belt is composed of high temperature resistant mesh belt and transmission device.

The furnace body of high temperature mesh belt type heat treatment furnace is welded with section steel and steel plate.

– Net belt furnace insulation structure –

Examples of net belt kiln insulation structure for flue gas denitrification honeycomb ceramic catalyst production:


Length of kiln: 22m ~ 58m; Width of kiln: 0.93m ~ 1.5m

Firing temperature: 480 ℃ ~ 620℃; Maximum temperature: 750 ℃

Mesh belt kiln insulation material selection: standard ceramic fiber module + standard ceramic fiber blanket composite insulation

Furnace wall: 270mm hot shield ceramic fiber module RDGW-289+30mm hot shield backing blanket RDGW-212

Furnace top: 300mm hot shield ceramic fiber module RDGW-289+50mm hot shield backing blanket RDGW-212

– Technical advantages –

  • Mesh belt type heat treatment furnace insulation, roof insulation easily match the most suitable heat preservation thickness, keep the furnace wall and top heat dissipation same, the outer surface temperature consistent.
  • The mesh belt furnace adopts the whole fiber lining, which can reduce the heat storage and thermal inertia of the furnace wall, shorten the heating time, improve the control precision, reduce the temperature rise of the furnace shell surface, reduce the heat loss, improve the thermal efficiency, and achieve the purpose of high efficiency and energy saving.
  • The mesh belt kiln heat preservation furnace all USES the fiber structure, the fireproof fiber good masonry, the insulation property is good, reduces the furnace top steel structure temperature as far as possible to reduce the deformation.