– To provide customers with the most professional thermal insulation solutions –

– Introduction to coke jar lid –

Overview of coke pot cover:

As the accessory equipment of the CDQ hoist, the coke pot cover is mainly used to prevent the red coke high temperature damage to the hoist and prevent dust from flying. It mainly includes: coke pot cover body, seal plate, heat insulation material, coke pot cover guide device. The main forms of coke pot cover are square coke pot cover and round coke pot cover.

Service temperature:

Coke flow refers to the coke pushing truck pushes the red coke of about 1100℃ out of the coking chamber, and through the coke blocking truck’s guide grill, it falls into the rotating coke jar of the coke quenching truck, which is dragged by the electric locomotive and led to the lower part of the lifting tower. The coke can is raised to the upper limit of the lifting tower by the elevator, and then translated to the top of the quenching furnace.

Coke can cover long term working temperature is 1100 ℃, generally no more than 1200 ℃, in order to avoid delay using insulation reason lead to the entire device, also in order to make the heat insulation material to extend the working life to reduce the temperature coefficient of risk, the vast majority of the design institutes is recommended to use 1400 containing zirconium type ceramic fiber module + 1400 containing zirconium ceramic fiber blanket, 1400 do lightweight insulation layer containing zirconium ceramic fiber board.

– Coke pot cover insulation structure –

The pot cover was first fixed with stainless steel net, but in practical application, the oxidation of stainless steel netease made the tower unable to work. After many tests, the company and supporting manufacturers finally decided to adopt zirconium containing ceramic fiber module, which is fixed in the heat insulation material with bolts, and there is still a distance from the hot surface, so as to solve the problem of high temperature oxidation. This scheme has been affirmed by foreign customers in the elevator provided for foreign customers, and has been used till now.

The refractory fiber material of the thermal shield is mainly applied to the bottom of the coke pot cover, that is, the side in contact with the coke oven. At present, the main refractory material used for coke pot cover is zirconium containing ceramic fiber module, which can withstand temperature of 1400℃.

At present, our company supplies materials and construction of coke pot cover with zirconium ceramic fiber module, the main size is 300*300*200/180mm, the edge part is 150*180/200*150mm, the actual situation is subject to the customer’s coke pot cover drawing, supporting 310S stainless steel anchor.

Laminate – modular compound lining structure:

Insulation layer: total thickness 200mm/180mm/150mm;

Back lining: Ceramic fiber blanket RDGW-512 with a thickness of 20mm;

Hot surface: Ceramic fiber module RDGW-589, 180mm/150mm thick;

Refractory cotton: coated with a layer of high temperature curing agent.

The ceramic fiber modules are arranged in a “pawn type” arrangement.

Interlayer compensation blanket: ceramic fiber blanket RDGW-512, fixed with “U” type heat-resistant steel nail;

On-site installation customer and post-installation transportation adopt different schemes: the coke can cover that needs to be transported and the junction between the two covers is wrapped with fiber cloth to minimize the damage caused by collision during transportation and installation.

– Regular maintenance of coke jar lid –

The thermal insulation material on the coke pot cover is installed in modules with a density of 220kg/m3, which fully conforms to the relevant parameters of modules specified in GB/T3003-2006. The module that has just been installed is relatively soft. Because of this characteristic, its internal fibers are filled with a lot of air to achieve a good thermal insulation effect. The used module will gradually harden the thermal insulation materials due to the baking of high temperature flame and a large amount of flue gas vulcanization reaction. However, in order to ensure the best thermal insulation effect of the coke can cover, it is recommended that the refractory material of the coke can cover be replaced once a year.

– Technical advantages –

1. Convenient cutting, on-site hole digging, to meet the needs of special parts abnormity. The module in the explosion-proof hole is perfectly combined with the folding block, which can dig holes on site without preforming; A molding, save time and effort; No waste, dig down the material to fill the center hole.

2. Adopting the fully automated heating blanket heat treatment system, the crystal phase change of fiber products can be pre-treated, and the high temperature shrinkage rate is the lowest compared with similar products in the same industry.