Recently many customers contact us, put them in the use of aluminum silicate ceramic fiber board the problems encountered during ask us, I hope we can help, today small make up of these questions about aluminum silicate ceramic fiber board knowledge to discuss with you about, the hope can give the customers friends to help and inspire, let everybody to aluminum silicate ceramic fiber board has a deep understanding. In this way, we can also do in the future use process, do not hurry, give play to the biggest role of aluminum silicate ceramic fiberboard.

In the application of aluminum silicate ceramic fiber board for many years, it is often found that the actual temperature does not exceed the temperature range of the material, but the fiber material has serious shrinkage and pulverization. After the chemical composition inspection, Al2O3 meets the product requirements, while SiO2 is low, and the content of Fe2O3, CaO, MgO, Na2O, K2O and other impurities seriously exceeds the standard. Such impurities are low melting point oxides, and excessive low melting point oxides will reduce the co-melting point of aluminum silicate fiber materials. If the content of impurities other than Al2O3 and SiO2 reaches above 3.5%, then the ratio is controlled within 1%, the actual use temperature of aluminum silicate fiber material will be reduced by nearly 100℃.

Therefore, when we choose aluminum silicate ceramic fiberboard, we should not only check the composition of Al2O3, but also strictly control the impurity content.

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