Product Description:

Oxidized fiber guide product is composed of Y2O3 fully stable ZrO2 fiber, which has definite strength and hardness, and is ideal insulation and heat preservation material in ultra-high temperature and multi-atmosphere environment. After the use of high temperature is still closely combined in – rise, the strength has been improved to some extent. The product has the characteristics of machinability, adjustable body density, ultra-high temperature stability, ultra-high temperature stability, low thermal conductivity and high temperature cleaning, etc. It can be applied to the thermal insulation materials of high temperature industrial furnace, the furnace materials of high temperature crystal growth furnace, the protective layer of oxygen sensor or carbon sensor and the nuclear melting experiment.


Product Features:

  1. Use the highest temperature. The melting point is as high as 2700℃, the maximum service temperature is as high as 2200°C, and even up to 2500°C, the intact fiber shape can be maintained.
  2. Low thermal conductivity at room temperature
  3. High purity, low density,
  4. Corrosion resistance is the best. ZrO2 has significantly better acid and alkali corrosion resistance than SiO2 and Al2O3.
  5. High temperature is not volatile, no pollution. ZrO2 has the lowest high temperature vapor pressure in all metal oxides, and is chemically inert, non-volatile and pollution-free at high temperature.

Typical applications:

(1) As ultra-high temperature thermal insulation protection materials and ceramic matrix composite reinforcement materials, used in aerospace, national defense military, atomic energy and other key technical fields.

(2)It is used for making ultra-high temperature industrial kilns, ultra-high temperature experimental electric furnaces and other ultra-high temperature heating devices from 1500°C to 2200°C, etc. It is also used for ceramic sintering, metal smelting, high-temperature decomposition, semiconductor manufacturing, quartz melting, crystal growth, experimental research and other industrial and scientific research fields.

(3) as high temperature filtration materials and high temperature reaction catalyst carrier, etc., used in high temperature liquid or gas filtration removal, as well as high temperature chemical reaction synthesis or catalytic cracking and so on.

Technical indicators:

Product numberRDGW-911
Chemical composition

Mass percentage%

Si.Fe.Na The impurities such as≤0.3
Crystalline phasesCubic phase
Bulk density,kg/m³200±70
Fibre melting point,℃2700
Monofilament diameter(um)60.±2.0
Recommended temperature,℃2200
appearanceShort crushed fiber, white