Product Description:

◎ Ceramic fiber vacuum forming wet felt, the ceramic fiber cotton produced by resistance melting and spraying into fiber technology as raw material, made by vacuum forming technology.

◎ Ceramic fiber vacuum forming wet felt product is a kind of light, flexible refractory fiber insulation material, high purity refractory oxide and organic adhesive combination.

◎ It is a kind of multifunctional product with good strength and elasticity besides excellent properties of loose ceramic fiber cotton. It can be used for expansion joint and high temperature gasket of kiln and boiler wall. When used as a gasket, its good resistance to melt metal penetration is suitable for ingot bottom plate seal, plug core gasket and aluminum billet casting gasket.

Product Category:

Ceramic fibre felt

Product features:

◎ Low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity
◎ Good chemical stability
◎ Excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance
◎ Good sound absorption
◎ It is soft and elastic
◎ Easy to construct, cut and process


Typical applications:

◎ Industrial furnace, heating device wall lining, backing lining

◎ High temperature equipment insulation

◎ High temperature gasket

◎ Molten metal insulation

◎ High temperature expansion joints

Technical indicators:

Ceramic fibre felt