Product Description:

◎ Ceramic fiber paper is made of high-purity ceramic fiber, which is used in the field of high-temperature insulation. Advanced production technology makes the fiber distribution very uniform, and the thickness and volume density of the paper can also be strictly controlled.

◎ Ceramic fiber paper is made of ceramic fiber plus a small amount of scientifically selected and strictly controlled binder. The binder will be completely burned during use.

Product category:

Ceramic fibre paper

Product features:     

◎ Low heat capacity

◎ Low thermal conductivity

◎ Excellent electrical insulation performance

◎ Good mechanical processing performance

◎ High strength, tear resistance

◎ High flexibility

◎ Low slag ball content


硅酸铝陶瓷纤维纸硅酸铝陶瓷纤维纸 硅酸铝陶瓷纤维纸 硅酸铝陶瓷纤维纸

Typical applications:

◎ Industrial insulation, seal, anticorrosive materials

◎ Electric heating equipment insulation, heat insulation material

◎ Instrument equipment, electrical components of the insulation and insulation materials

◎ The automobile industry insulation material

◎ Expansion seam filling material

◎ Isolation (sinter proof material)

◎ Molten metal gasket

◎ Fireproof material

Technical indicators:

Ceramic fibre paper