Product Description:

SHANDONG REDON HIGH-TEMPERATURE MATERIAL Co. ,LTD. newly developed ceramic fiber composite thermal insulation board, the use of excellent performance of aerogel thermal insulation materials and thermal shielding functional materials, adapted to binder and a variety of inorganic elements, high temperature resistant ceramic fiber as the reinforcement material, through special technology. The thermal insulation material has fine nano mesh structure, can effectively reduce the material of solid heat conduction, rich in the pore structure effectively restrain gas molecules of conduction, convection and functional materials of heat radiation absorption and reflection, can make the coefficient of thermal conductivity of materials at 600 ℃ around 0.030 w/m.k, compared with at present commonly used insulation materials insulation effect can be improved 2 to 10 times.



Product Features:      

◎ Excellent thermal insulation performance, thermal conductivity at 600℃ at 0.030w/ m.K

◎ High temperature resistance, long-term use temperature up to 850℃

◎ Long service life:

◎ Economic energy saving: than conventional materials energy saving 10-30%.

◎ Environmental protection is non-toxic: in the fire and high temperature does not release any toxic substances, does not contain asbestos (full series), polybrominated biphenyl (flame retardant).

◎ Good chemical stability

◎ Sound insulation and shock absorption


Application Field:

◎ Aerospace and military industry — thermal protection for supersonic aircraft, high-power engine thermal insulation protection for armored vehicles and ships

◎ Iron and steel industry — ladle, tundish, electric furnace, heating furnace, annealing furnace, mixing furnace, sintering furnace, etc

◎ Petroleum and chemical industry — cracking furnace, heating furnace, pipeline, etc

◎ Ceramics – rotary kilns, shuttle kilns, tunnel kilns and other kilns and pipes

◎ Industrial furnace – back lining insulation, furnace lining, furnace intertropical furnace system

◎ Power industry – nuclear thermal insulation system, steam turbine, boiler pipe system

◎ Household appliances – heater, oven, oven, rice cooker, microwave oven, induction cooker, fireplace and other electrical instruments heat insulation protection

◎ Construction, building materials, high/low temperature engineering fire insulation and other fields


Technical indicators:

Product nameNano aerogel composite insulation boardNano aerogel composite insulation felt
Product codeRDGW-864RDGW-853
Product shapeTabularCoiled material
working temperature≤850℃≤600℃
Heating permanent line change


Theoretical thermal conductivity(W/m.k)(200℃)0.022






bulk density(kg/m³)350200
compressive strength(25%)1.2Mpa
Organic matter content(%)≤0.8%≤0.8%
General specifications(mm)300×300,300×400,        400×500,500×500Width 1 m or 1.2 m, 30 m2 per roll
Packaging formCartons or wooden casesWoven bag