Product Description:

Ceramic fiber castable, this product is a kind of clay like refractory material, which is made of low slag ball content blown fiber cotton as aggregate, and a certain proportion of binder, refractory filler and additives. It has the characteristics of low bulk density, low heat capacity, low heat conduction, high strength and good air tightness. It is widely used in the lining of medium and low temperature thermal equipment and movable furnace cover. It can also be used as the heat insulation material of high temperature kiln. The product has good workability, strong integrity of furnace wall after construction, especially suitable for wall lining with complex shape.


Product category:

◎1260 fiber castable RDGW-297

◎1400 fiber castable RDGW-497

Product features:      

◎ Low heat capacity

◎ Low thermal conductivity

◎ High pressure strength

◎ Excellent volume stability

Good construction performance

Typical applications:

◎ Industrial furnace wall lining or high temperature industrial furnace lining insulation layer. Including melting furnace, tunnel kiln, rolling soaking furnace, continuous heating furnace, heat treatment annealing furnace, well furnace, hood furnace

◎ Full steel barrel cover

◎ Electric heating furnace door, observation hole, burner brick


Ceramic fiber castable