Product Description:

◎ Have fibre spraying lining is on the basis of traditional ceramic fiber application technology, draw lessons from refractory powder, pellet injection technology application technology developed a kind of ceramic fiber, ceramic fiber is treated by special spraying equipment, the treated fiber with high pressure air sent to the nozzle, and nozzle around the nozzle spray mist adhesive after mixing to the working face, the formation of ceramic fiber spray wall lining.

◎ The factors that influence the performance and effect of ceramic fiber spray coating are as follows: the content of ceramic fiber slag ball, the length of fiber, the uniformity of fiber surface covering binder, anchoring structure, surface treatment by spraying, etc.


Product Classification:          

Ceramic fiber spray coating

Product features:   

◎ Low heat capacity

◎ Low thermal conductivity

◎ Fiber spraying furnace lining integrity good lining without joints, good insulation

◎ Fiber spraying furnace lining high temperature structure stability is good

◎ The construction is quick and convenient, especially suitable for the construction of special-shaped wall lining

Typical applications:

  • Metallurgical, petrochemical, machinery, electric power, building materials and other industries, industrial furnaces, heating equipment wall lining

Technical indicators:

Ceramic fiber spray coating