Product Description:

All kinds of ceramic fiber folding blocks are made of ceramic fiber needle punched blanket of corresponding materials, which are processed on special machinery according to the structure and size of fiber components. In the process of processing, a certain proportion of compression is kept to ensure that after the completion of ceramic fiber folding block wall lining, due to the expansion of each ceramic fiber folding block in different directions, the ceramic fiber folding block is squeezed into a seamless whole.

Product Category:

Ceramic fiber folding block

Product features:

◎ Good chemical stability: low thermal capacity, low thermal conductivity

◎ Good thermal stability, thermal shock resistance

◎ Excellent elasticity, because the fiber is in the pre-compression state, its expansion can compensate the fiber shrinkage, improve the adiabatic performance of the fiber lining

◎ Good thermal erosion resistance, high mechanical strength

◎ Installation is simple and rapid, high safety performance


Typical applications:

Linings for various industrial furnaces and heating devices in metallurgy, machinery, building materials, petrochemical industry and non-ferrous metals industries

Application of ceramic fiber folding block

Technical indicators:

Ceramic fiber folding block Technical index