Product Description:

The fiber surface curing agent is generally milky white liquid, which is made of inorganic binder, dispersant, additive and other materials. It can improve the wind erosion resistance and lining stability of the fiber lining, and significantly extend the service life of the fiber lining.


Product features:

  • It has good fluidity and dispersion, and is convenient for construction
  • Short curing time
  • It has good adhesion
  • Good wind erosion resistance

Typical applications:

  • It is applied to the lining of heating furnace in metallurgical and petrochemical industries
  • Brush in machinery, mold and other industries heat treatment furnace lining fire surface layer
  • Brush on the surface of high temperature furnace fiber to resist wind speed and erosion

Technical indicators:

  • Color: milky white liquid
  • Service temperature: below 1400 ℃
  • Specific gravity: 1.1
  • Viscosity: 1.0 ~ 1.5 * 102
  • PH value: 8 ~ 9.5

Usage method:

According to the thickness of the fiber to be hardened, spray the curing agent on the surface of the fiber, and then dry or dry it naturally
Dosage: 2-3kg / ㎡