Product introduction:

Polycrystalline mullite fiberboard, also known as polycrystalline alumina fiberboard, belongs to the wet vacuum suction pressure forming, which is made of loose cotton and organic and inorganic binders. The product has a hard texture and excellent strength, anti scour, easy to process and cut. It is a multi-purpose product with stable chemical properties, light weight and good thermal insulation effect. It can be applied to the hot surface of furnace lining to resist direct impact of flame and high temperature airflow.


Product characteristics:

  • High temperature stability
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Erosion resistance
  • Easy machining and cutting performance
  • Precise thickness and size
  • Good resistance to flame and airflow erosion

Product application:

  • Lining or backing of various high temperature furnaces
  • High temperature fire baffle and seal
  • Fire and heat insulation

Product data:

Bulk density(Kg/m3300-600300-600
Linear shrinkage by reheating(℅)(1500℃×6h)<1(1600℃×6h)<1
chemical compositionAl2O36885
Al2O3+ SiO299.599.8


Specifications and packaging:

(1) Common specifications (mm):
Length x width x thickness 900 × 600 × (20-150)
Length x width x thickness 1000 × 600 × (20-150)
(2) Special specifications: customized according to customer requirements
(3) Packing: Cartons, wooden cases or pallets