Product Description:

It has the advantages of light weight, soft texture such as silk, high temperature resistance, good insulation performance, low thermal conductivity, good insulation performance, corrosion resistance, non-toxic, non-asbestos and so on, and excellent environmental protection performance.


Typical applications:

High temperature insulation, insulation and sealing in industrial fields;

Metal melt filtration;

Thermal ablative materials for rockets, missiles and spacecraft;

Fireproof clothing, fire curtain, special high temperature gloves, etc.

Technical indicators:

SiO2 content of 96% or higher

Long-term use temperature ≥1000℃

Instant use temperature ≥1600℃

Shrinkage of high temperature line ≤3%

Fiber monofilament diameter 6-9 microns

Breaking strength(N)Longitude ≥ 290n, latitudinal ≥ 190nLongitude ≥ 1200n, latitude ≥ 800N
Tensile strength75Gpa