Heat shield flexible detachable heat preservation sleeve also known as: heat preservation quilt, heat insulation sleeve, flexible heat preservation garment, shaped heat preservation, etc. According to the specific shape of the pipe or equipment and its use environment, after careful design, mapping, through a special process. Can be used in different temperature, different shape of the pipe and a variety of hot and cold equipment. It is especially suitable for frequent disassembly, maintenance and cleaning of plumbing equipment. Its comprehensive economic benefits are good, is the current industrial energy conservation and environmental protection ideal choice! The flexible insulation sleeve is composed of three parts: the ultra-high temperature resistant lining, the intermediate heat insulation layer and the surface heat insulation protection layer (waterproof and anti-corrosion). It is an ideal industrial energy saving and environmental protection product, widely used in petrochemical industry, chemical engineering, spinning, metallurgy, electric power, construction, kiln, paper, pharmaceutical and other fields.

Chemical equipment (chemical reactor) energy saving removable insulation sleeve